Nagano University

Nagano University
Nagano University 
Faculty of Tourism and Environmental Studies
Areas of Study
Areas of Study

Media planning, color study, information design, digital image expression, commercial design, multimedia theory, computer graphics, etc.

Study Area Topics

Environmental Studies: Fundamentals of ecology, Applications and techniques for managing local resources, nature regeneration techniques, environmental education knowledge, etc.

Tourism: Tourism area business and planning, travel business, economic effects of tourism, cultural effects of tourism, facts about natural hotsprings, etc.

Business: Corporate management, currency circulation, service, management of human resources, global business, marketing, etc.

Regional Development: Regional policies and local area promotion, regional industrial policy, international society, regional sustainability, etc.

Faculty of Tourism and Environmental Studies Courses
■Basic courses Sociology、economics、business administration, political science, regional welfare community sociology, environmental sociology, tourism, social research method, statistics and PC applications, etc.
■General Studies Psychology, literature, pedagogy, philosophy, ethics, law, history, geography, social anthropology, country studies, ecology, global environment, physical education and language (Chinese, English, French, German), etc.
■Major area courses Environmental
Environmental policy, environmental management, environmental and organization management, related law, environmental education, nature regeneration, food culture and living environment, social history of forests and water, eco-tourism, ecological life and outdoor activity, etc.
Tourism business, tourism policy, tourism culture, tourism destination research, related law, tourist area planning, transportation and travel business, tourist area communities, intercultural communication, hot springs and health, recreation studies, etc
  Business Management of human resources, organizations and people, currency circulation, service management, marketing, global business, social responsibility of enterprise, hospitality management business, consumer behavior, etc.
  Regional Development Regional policy, local autonomy, local finance, international society, foreign topography, regional industry and policy, local production and consumption, gender studies, regional sustainability, mountain village environmental social theory, NPOs and publicness, amenities, tourism and local business, etc.