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Mission of Nagano University
 The mission of Nagano University, according to its founding principals and educational policy of Article 52, is to prepare and send people into society who have acquired many perspectives and ways of thinking from various fields of study and who have cultivated their ability to question and inquire deeply about general knowledge and commonly held viewpoints and who are able to clearly recognize their personal roles in society.

As a university which is both rooted in the local area and open to the world, Nagano University is especially conscious of its primary obligation to prepare people who are capable of leading the development of local society in the 21st Century. Taking on this role in our academic capacity, all members of Nagano University are guided by the following fundamental objectives.

■1.Training of cultured professionals
 Respecting students' spontaneous nature, Nagano University offers educational experience that provides opportunities to explore various kinds of problems through academic learning, fieldwork and practical experience and fosters their ability to discover and to solve problems as well as gain the communication skill necessary for becoming independent adults and advance their logical thinking capabilities. Through this type of education, Nagano University aims to nurture the development of cultured professionals who can contribute to their local societies throughout their lives.

■2. Construct a support system for students to enjoy their own self-development
 While making cooperative applications to the rich resources of the area in which goal-oriented students can optimistically participate, Nagano University provides education with a study–campus-life–career-support system so that students can enjoy the process of their personal development from the first year through graduation.

■3. Creation of a campus centered on students who are preparing to face the future
 Standing on the threshold of modern society's expanding information base, increasing interdependencies and internationalization, Nagano University has set out to propel the development of an IT-Eco-Barrier-Free campus where students are the protagonists, and where students, teachers and staff together strive to achieve success.

■4.Development of academic research which contributes to the community.
 With a solid base of research concerning our local society, industry and related policies, Nagano University constantly endeavors to develop research activity at the level of individual faculty members and also at the institutional level. Results of such research in the fields of social welfare, environment, tourism and informatics are positively applied to promote the restoration of the area and enrichment of the lives of the people living there.

■5. Creation of a corpus of knowledge through scholarly activity
 Respecting the independence of each member and working cooperatively for mutual enlightenment, Nagano University strives for integration of highly developed ethical consciousness and highly enriched culture along with the construction of a framework for the creation, succession and integration of the resulting corpus of knowledge.