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Nagano University
Nagano University 
Faculty of Business and
Faculty of Business and Information

 Practical learning of corporate management, planning, design and Information technology

 Students have an authentic experience of deciding their own research theme and planning their “own project.” The required knowledge is learned both in the classroom and through experience.

Sample Topics:
  1. Create a competitive and profitable
  2. Set up your own network business
  3. Develop web application software
  4. Create a movie network like You Tube
  5. Plan and design easy to use products
  6. Express your own culture with beautiful CG
Faculty of Business and Information Courses
■Courses related to students individual research projects
 Research seminar, research project, graduation research
■General Studies Psychology, literature, pedagogy, philosophy, ethics, law, history, geography, social anthropology, country studies, ecology, global environment, physical education and
language (Chinese, English, French, German), etc.
■Major Area Courses Management Business administration, enterprise theory, market strategies, enterprise accounting, project, industrial economic theory, economics, and strategic management, management of human resources, currency circulation, bookkeeping, global business and intellectual property rights, etc.
  Information Network construction, object-oriented programming, computer vision, image processing, network programming, algorithms and data structure, database theory, operating systems, system security, programming language, etc.
  Design Media planning, color study, information design, digital image expression, commercial design, multimedia theory, computer graphics, etc.